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The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s TV program airs on Monday 1:30 pm, Wednesday 5 pm, Thursday 9 pm and will air twelve times through the month.  You and other people everywhere can watch it on TV or through our website, www.olympiafor.org, soon after it has debuted on TCTV. 

by Glen Anderson, producer and host of this TV series

Watch Powerfully Informative TV Program Through Your Computer or on TCTV

For 29 ½ years the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation has been producing powerfully informative TV programs on important issues. You can watch our current program and more than 150 of our previous ones through the Olympia FOR’s website at your convenience even if you don’t watch our current program on TCTV cable channel 22 in Thurston County (Mondays 1:30 pm, Wednesdays 5:00 pm, Thursdays 9:00 pm).

Simply visit www.olympiafor.org, click the “TV Programs” link, and scroll down past the thorough description of the current month’s program. Previous programs are listed chronologically. Click the link for the program you want to watch. Also, next to each program’s link is a link to a thorough description of the program that you can read by clicking the “Word” or “pdf” link. You can watch more than 150 programs through www.olympiafor.org.

June 2017

“Confronting the New Nuclear Arms Race”

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s June 2017 interview --“Confronting the New Nuclear Arms Race” – provides information that mainstream news media and politicians have been ignoring.  Much of this information is bad, but one underreported news item is good.  Hear two knowledgeable guests present information and insights to help us turn the new nuclear arms race around.

Decades after the Cold War ended, Congress AND Obama AND Trump are recklessly provoking a new nuclear arms race!  However, the crisis has been largely ignored by news media and the general public.

It’s bad enough that our government continues its dangerous intentions to use nuclear weapons.  But now our government wants to replace all of our thousands of nuclear weapons with new ones!  Some are designed to be more usable – designed to make it easier for the U.S. to start a nuclear war.  The rest of the world is outraged and is taking historically unprecedented action to stop this madness.  

Our government says it can’t afford to provide health care or education or safe drinking water – and can’t afford to end homelessness or poverty.  But it plans to spend more than one trillion dollars on these new nuclear weapons!

Fortunately, people are organizing against that!  People are organizing globally, nationwide, here in Washington State, and right here in Olympia.  

We can solve these extremely serious problems if we get the facts, devise smart strategies, and work hard.

This one-hour interview features two knowledgeable guests explore the problems and solutions.  Both are from Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility, www.wpsr.org, which has worked knowledgeably for decades to stop nuclear weapons.  Lilly Adams is WPSR’s Security Program Organizer.  Bruce Amundson, MD, is President of WPSR’s Board of Directors.  

Our guests provide startling information about the worsening dangers of nuclear weapons.  They also share some exciting information about the world community’s new efforts to abolish nuclear weapons entirely.  

You have two ways to watch this program:  through the June 2017 link below or on TCTV cable channel 22 for cable TV subscribers in Thurston County WA.  Next to the link below for watching the program, see links to Word and .pdf documents that thoroughly summarize what our guests said during the interview.  The end of that summary includes information resources.

For more information about nuclear weapons, see the “Nuclear Weapons” part of Olympia FOR’s website, www.olympiafor.org

Questions?  Contact Glen Anderson, the TV series’ producer/host at (360) 491-9093 glen@olympiafor.org  

Sometimes we produce special programs.  These air on TCTV at various dates and times.

We are posting our recent INTERVIEW and SPECIAL programs on the internet.  (Although we got broadcast rights for airing the “BIG PICTURE” films, we are not able to post them on the internet, although some might be posted under their own names.)  Also, our older programs are not available in this format.

To watch a program, simply click on a link below to watch that episode. 

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