RESOLUTION to be used at Caucuses

WHEREAS, the cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the continuation of former President Bush’s tax cuts and the  current recession make it imperative that the U.S. Congress have the ability to review an audit of the expenditures of the Defense Department (DOD); and

WHEREAS, the DOD has failed to comply with  the 1996 Chief Financial Officers’ Act requiring all federal agencies to provide annual auditable statements; and

WHEREAS, the General Accounting Office cited serious financial management problems at the DOD because the Defense Contract Audit Agency failed to follow basic auditing standards, noting that the agency lacks independence from the contractors it audits; and

WHEREAS, the lack of accountability enables DOD to continue massive waste, fraud and mismanagement of billions of dollars; and

WHEREAS, Congress decreed that the DOD must be ready for a full financial-statement audit by September 30, 2017, but the DOD has historically and currently managed to postpone the audit deadline;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Washington State Democratic Party insist on systematic reductions in the DOD budget until the Department can produce an auditable statement that can be fairly evaluated.


(from Bring Our Billion$ Home - Olympia FOR)