Olympia FOR YouTube on Peace

September 2013 Iran: Understanding the Realities Achieving Peace
 http://youtu.be/Z6wHv54rrR4 Iran is often in the news, but much of what the US’s news media and politicians say grossly inaccurate. Much of it is mean-spirited and downright harmful. The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s September 2013 TV program: Reviews Iran’s history; provides for context for understanding what is really happening now; corrects some of the misinformation we’ve been hearing for many years; suggests more constructive ways to promote peace with Iran.

August 2013 Peace from Local to Global http://youtu.be/WGLrbgB3wEg  A national level’s Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Statement of Purpose explicitly recognizes “the essential unity of all creation” and commits ourselves to exploring “the power of love and truth for resolving human conflict.” Glen affirmed that these values have been powerful guides for his efforts since discovering that message in 1972. During this hour we discussed the current state of our neighborhoods, our nation, and our world. We recognized problems rooted in fear, stereotyping and labeling. We recognized problems rooted in greed for money and power. We also played with solutions open-mindedly and creatively. We proposed a variety of solutions that are positive and humane.

July 2012 Women Share Experiences, Insights, Wisdom about Peace and Justice Organizing http://youtu.be/e54kCI_iyCM The peace and justice movement has accomplished a lot because of the wise and effective efforts of women throughout the world.  Our local community is much better thanks to local women’s skillful and dedicated organizing. The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s July 2012 TV program features four local women (Holly Gwinn Graham, Gabi Clayton, Bourtai Hargrove, and Ruth Lipow) sharing their experiences, insights and wisdom about organizing for peace, social and economic justice, human rights, and the environment.

June 2012 Interfaith Voices for Peace http://youtu.be/pAmDu1Adj5U The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s June 2012 TV program explores humane truths in four different faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. We explore how the scriptures and other writings –and the actual lived traditions –within these faiths have moved their members to work for peace. We also examine some common threads such as the oneness of the human family, compassion, and the Golden Rule. Near the end of the program we affirm the value of interfaith respect and cooperation, which we have already been modeling throughout the program.

October 2011 Active Duty Troops and Veterans Work for Peace http://youtu.be/8AY-XKJQBU4 While the peace movement opposes wars and our violent foreign policy, we recognize that the individuals who currently serve in the military – or who have served in the military – deserve human rights just like anyone else.  When the military establishment hurts them, they need to protect their rights.  Also, some active duty troops and veterans find various ways to work for peace – sometimes at great personal risk.
This month’s TV program examines these concerns and focuses on Coffee Strong (www.coffeestrong.org), a GI coffee house near Fort Lewis, which is now called Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). 

June 2011 Stories of Working for Peace and Justice http://youtu.be/951RMA6kfBQ This month’s TV program features personal experiences, stories and insights from six local people who have worked effectively for peace and social justice.  The program’s first half features Debe Edden, Bob Zeigler and Marilyn Dungan. The program’s second half features Douglas Mackey, Holly Gwinn Graham and James Bowers. Over the years – people who persist in grassroots movements for civil rights, peace, labor, environment, and so forth keep saying that what keeps moving these movements ahead is people sharing their stories

December 2010 Converting to a Peace Economy http://youtu.be/cAQ-DNl2Eg8 Throughout our nation’s history, we had occasional wars and then de-mobilized afterward. But after World War II we launched the Cold War and maintained a permanent war status. We also created a “permanent war economy.” During this TV program Glen Anderson summarizes the economic problems caused by military spending and some potentials for converting to a peace economy.

November 2010 International Day of Peace: Olympia Connects with the World http://youtu.be/qTsWuKjEbBo In recent years the International Day of Peace (September 21) has been inspiring more and more enthusiasm in more parts of the world. The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical and/or inspiring acts of peace on a shared date. It was established by a United Nations resolution in 1981 to coincide with the opening of the General Assembly. See more information at www.internationaldayofpeace.org. The Olympia FOR’s November TV program includes interviews with local organizers Doug Mackey and Dennis Mills. It also includes some of the powerful video footage that Dennis filmed.

January 2010 Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers http://youtu.be/3VKihO-vqz8 This month's program explores the connection of Olympia with the Afghan Peace Volunteers. On the 21st of each month, the guests provide Skype communications with the young peace activists in Afghanistan and people throughout the world in a people to people conversation. Amidst the horrible war in Afghanistan, several young people are courageously and nonviolently affirming everyone’s common humanity, and they care calling for peace.

June 2009 Folk Music’s Power for Peace and Justice http://youtu.be/t0S9iDkoO8w This one-hour interview with two much-loved folk musicians (Tom Rawson and Holly Gwinn Graham) uses their music to illustrate their discussion of the history and usefulness of folk music for the movements for civil rights, social justice and peace.

August 2007 Teenagers Work for Peace and Justice http://youtu.be/tNYmYZgh1UI Katie Mesmer, Maria Tamayo, Matt Pfeiffer, Ellie Lipton are peace activist trainees with Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation. Ellen Finkelstein directs the program. They all share about meaningful roles of activism as teenagers.

International Day of Peace: Olympia Connect With the World
http://youtu.be/i9R0KvH-FZ4 On Sep 21-22, 2010, Olympia FOR was one of the sponsors of the first International Day of Peace held in Heritage Park. There were international Skype conversations from many countries, greetings from three First Peoples, drumming, Sitar playing, and a peace walk around the lake. Three 20-foot cloth peace doves led the procession around the world, marked out by fabric on the ground. Peace banners in 100 languages were placed in their appropriate countries on a gigantic map of the world laid out.