Olympia FOR YouTube Videos on the Death Penalty

February 2010 Death Penalty: New Progress Toward Abolition http://youtu.be/w2f5xI85mTA

Juan Meléndez - an Innocent Survivor from Death Row http://youtu.be/L47lF18Nm20 Juan Meléndez was an Innocent Survivor from Death Row for nearly 18 years! He shares his story of what living on death row is like and justice system that sentenced him even though the Prosecutor has the confession of the real killer.

October 2008 The Death Penalty: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone http://youtu.be/7zzC8Oo7YF0 Chuck Schultz, Rozanne Rants, and Alice Curtis examine the traditional assumptions about the death penalty.

Poetic Justice Poems on Prisons and the Death Penalty http://youtu.be/HqjjoC60ymc Local poets and incarcerated poets share powerfully moving poems on the death penalty and incarceration. Presentation at Traditions Café on May 5, 2010