Olympia FOR YouTube Videos on War

March 2013 Nuclear Weapons Threaten Life and Waste Money http://youtu.be/YlxIfRWIjLg The Cold War ended more than 20 years ago, and the Soviet Union no longer exists.  But the U.S. is still fighting this obsolete Cold War with very dangerous and very expensive nuclear weapons.  We especially focus on the Trident nuclear submarines based at the Navy base at Bangor in Kitsap County, just 60 miles north of Olympia and 20 miles west of Seattle.  Tridents are always on hair-trigger alert and poised for a suicidal first strike against Russia or some other target.  If used, the Trident submarine could destroy the world.

November 2012:  “Militarism is the Problem, Not the Solution” http://youtu.be/00g6APTcSM4 Since World War II – and especially since the Soviet Union collapsed more than 20 year ago – the US has been the world’s #1 military power.  And, indeed, the US has used that military power continuously since the 1940s in many places throughout the world. Militarism is always promoted as the solution.  But what if militarism is actually the problem?  What if excessive militarism actually hurts the U.S.?  This is the question that two well-informed guests explore during the Olympia FOR’s November TV program, which you can watch at any time into the future on www.olympiafor.org. Rather than protect our nation, excessive militarism is harming our nation.  To save the U.S., we must scale back our militarism.

April 2011 Soldiers’ Wounds-One Cost of War That Never Ends http://youtu.be/2w7Z64bWIEQ The Olympia FOR’s April TV program focuses specifically on how war hurts the people who fight and their families. Despite people’s glib rhetoric that soldiers are “heroes,” the truth is that every combat soldier is wounded in several ways. Our nation must be mature enough to recognize these human costs and responsible enough to cover the costs. Wars damage the people on all sides, and we must take responsibility to heal the people on all sides. Our two guests –Dr. Dennis Mills and Mark Fleming volunteer as independent accredited VA claims agents to help active duty GIs and military veterans protect their rights and get the benefits that they deserve. You can find one or both of them on most Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm at Coffee Strong, 15107 Union Ave SW, Lakewood WA.

December 2010 Converting to a Peace Economy http://youtu.be/cAQ-DNl2Eg8 Throughout our nation’s history, we had occasional wars and then de-mobilized afterward. But after World War II we launched the Cold War and maintained a permanent war status. We also created a “permanent war economy.” Massive military spending year after year decade after decade since the 1940s has distorted and disrupted the U.S. economy and hurt our society in many ways.  Military spending has bankrupted our economy, so we must convert from a “war economy” to a “peace economy.” This “economic conversion” or “peace conversion” would produce positive ripple effects throughout our economy and throughout our whole society. During this TV program Glen summarizes the economic problems caused by military spending and some potentials for converting to a peace economy.

June 2007 Resisting the Militarization of Our Ports http://youtu.be/3CphCH6G5Pw Caitlin Esworthy, Molly Gibbs, TJ Johnson, and Phan Nguyen discuss Port Militarization Resistance at the Port of Olympia for the shipment of Strykers and other war materials.

December 2007 Terrorism and the Challenge of Asymmetrical War http://youtu.be/P7-36x_JAHU Glen Anderson and Dr. Steve Niva discuss the challenges of an asymmetrical war and why the U.S. can't win the war in Iraq. Dr. Niva is a Middle Eastern studies expert at The Evergreen State College in Olympia WA. Taped in December 2007, but still very relevant today considering the expanding war effort in Afghanistan.

September 2005 This War’s True Cost http://youtu.be/yvQGYL9Cf9k Laurie Davis, Ivan Gonzalez, and Emily Lardner discuss the true cost of the Iraq War.

The True Cost of War - Rep. Dennis Kucinich  http://youtu.be/Te56p70APnw Rep. Dennis Kucinich spoke on "The True Cost of War" on Presidents Day to a packed audience in Olympia WA. The event was sponsored by the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation and Veterans for Peace - Rachel Corrie Chapter 109.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich – Q & A “The True Cost of War” http://youtu.be/TRMVhTjAWeY Rep. Dennis Kucinich shared his thoughts on "The True Cost of War" in a Q & A session on Presidents Day 2011 in Olympia WA. The event was sponsored by Olympia FOR and VFP109.

Jobs, Not Wars  http://youtu.be/kTkPb60Cznk Cut military spending. Use the savings to fund human needs and create jobs. Convert from a war economy to a peace economy.  Zoltan Grossman: Excessive U.S. militarism around the world. Tony Lee: Shift federal budget priorities to fund human needs. Glen Anderson: Converting to a peace economy would create more jobs.