Olympia FOR YouTube Videos on Trauma & Trauma Healing

February 2013 ITTP Cracks the Cycle of Trauma in World Conflicts http://youtu.be/RNEAnLkKUTs The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s February 2013 TV program explores the extent and dynamics of wars and other violent conflicts that cause trauma, how traumatized people suffer, and what they need for recovery these concerns.  The Olympia-based International Trauma Treatment Program (ITTP) approaches this work with special insights and sensitivities, so it has worked more effectively than many typical organizations and agencies.  Our two guests, Dr. John Van Eenwyk and Ayman Nijim have worked extensively in this field.

April 2011 Soldiers’ Wounds-One Cost of War That Never Ends http://youtu.be/2w7Z64bWIEQ The Olympia FOR’s April TV program focuses specifically on how war hurts the people who fight and their families. Despite people’s glib rhetoric that soldiers are “heroes,” the truth is that every combat soldier is wounded in several ways. Our nation must be mature enough to recognize these human costs and responsible enough to cover the costs. Wars damage the people on all sides, and we must take responsibility to heal the people on all sides. Our two guests –Dr. Dennis Mills and Mark Fleming volunteer as independent accredited VA claims agents to help active duty GIs and military veterans protect their rights and get the benefits that they deserve. You can find one or both of them on most Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm at Coffee Strong, 15107 Union Ave SW, Lakewood WA.

September 2005 This War’s True Cost http://youtu.be/yvQGYL9Cf9k Laurie Davis, Ivan Gonzalez, and Emily Lardner discuss the true cost of the Iraq War.

Zawadi Nikuze And Trauma Healing In The Congo-2010 http://youtu.be/s1Gr2fGaxyE Zawadi Nikuze, from Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities, works with rape survivors in The Democratic Republic of Congo. She spoke to a group of Friends at the Olympia Friend Meeting in Olympia Washington.