Olympia FOR YouTube Videos on Prison Reform & Sentencing

February 2014 “Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System:  Problems and Solutions”      Two of our guests will be Sam Merrill and Steven Aldrich, the co-presenters of the WWFOR Fall Retreat’s Legislative Action Workshop, both active with the Quaker-based Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy (www.fcwpp.org). The third guest will be Larry Jefferson, the president of the Thurston County Bar Association, a defense attorney with 17 years of experience in King and Thurston County, currently wording for the Thurston County Office of Assigned Counsel.

August 2012 How to Reform Prisons and Sentencing http://youtu.be/1DMfm0CCZVg The Olympia FOR’s August TV program, “How to Reform Sentencing and Prisons,” is available to watch through our website, www.olympiafor.org.  Simply click the “TV Programs” link, scroll down, and click the link.  You’ll enjoy a one-hour interview with two very knowledgeable guests who explain some of the problems with our prisons and our sentencing – and propose constructive solutions to those problems. People who care about the death penalty also care about the many injustices and abuses in other parts of our criminal justice system. 

April 2010 Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices http://youtu.be/XflEY4qCmLw Dr. Paul McCold and Beth Rodman discuss Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices.

December 2009 The “Three-Strikes” Laws Are Unjust http://youtu.be/2DBI6eyYTa0 A variety of people and organizations want to reform or abolish the “Three Strikes” law.

How to Reform Prisons and Sentencing http://youtu.be/uyxPXuE8_tc Carol Estes, representing University Beyond Bars, and Steven Aldrich with Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy discuss how to reform our prisons as well as changing sentencing laws.

Juan Meléndez - an Innocent Survivor from Death Row
http://youtu.be/L47lF18Nm20 Juan Meléndez was an Innocent Survivor from Death Row for nearly 18 years! He shares his story of what living on death row is like and justice system that sentenced him even though the Prosecutor has the confession of the real killer.

Poetic Justice Poems on Prisons and the Death Penalty http://youtu.be/HqjjoC60ymc Local poets and incarcerated poets share powerfully moving poems on the death penalty and incarceration. Presentation at Traditions Café on May 5, 2010