Olympia FOR YouTube Videos on Nuclear Weapons

March 2013 Nuclear Weapons Threaten Life and Waste Money http://youtu.be/YlxIfRWIjLg The Cold War ended more than 20 years ago, and the Soviet Union no longer exists.  But the U.S. is still fighting this obsolete Cold War with very dangerous and very expensive nuclear weapons.  We especially focus on the Trident nuclear submarines based at the Navy base at Bangor in Kitsap County, just 60 miles north of Olympia and 20 miles west of Seattle.  Tridents are always on hair-trigger alert and poised for a suicidal first strike against Russia or some other target.  If used, the Trident submarine could destroy the world.

April 2009 Nuclear Weapons http://youtu.be/fX2LwgE2aP8 Despite the end of the Cold War two decades ago, nuclear weapons still threaten the world.

April 2007 Nuclear Weapons and Nonviolent Resistance at Ground Zero http://youtu.be/1Ktmmtda3EY Rev. Anne Hall, David Hall, MD, Brian Watson, and Glen Anderson discuss nonviolent actions to protest the nuclear weapons at Bangor on all the Trident Submarines. Recorded April 2007.