Olympia FOR YouTube Videos on Homelessness


June 2013 Solving Homelessness Problems In New Ways: A Systems Approach http://youtu.be/47rxXB39uzk The greater Olympia and Thurston County areas have recently been addressing the homelessness problems in more thoughtful and comprehensive ways.  On the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s June 2013 TV program, three guests dispel the misunderstandings that have impaired public discussions.  Our guests also lay out some of the positive new directions for helping homeless people more effectively. Thurston County is using a new “systems approach” to relieve the confusion of a multiplicity of agencies and programs.  This approach focuses a few agencies to perform certain roles, and it allows for one point of entry for single adults (SideWalk), one entry point for families (Family Support Center), and one entry point for youths (Community Youth Services).  The entry agency can efficiently connect each individual with relevant resources and services. 

January 2012 Occupy Wall Street, Olympia and Everywhere http://youtu.be/-eR0W-3LDp8 Occupy Olympia became a participatory village that was inclusive all ages, students, unemployed, seasoned activists, newcomers, homeless persons and came close to representing the diversity of folks in the 99% whose needs have not been met by “politics as usual.”
The Olympia FOR’s January 2012 TV pro-gram features four local guests who have participated first hand in planning and carrying out Occupy Olympia’s many activities.

July 2007 Homeless People Need Dignity and Real Solutions http://youtu.be/kVa5Qfa-Dx0 Rob Richards, Selena Kilmoyer, Rev. Arthur Vaeni, and Glen Anderson discuss root causes and solutions to homelessness in Thurston County. Recorded July 2007.