Olympia FOR YouTube Videos on Economics

November 2013 TTP A “Freed Trade Scam Much Worse Than NAFTA ”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVTDepxVz2w&feature=youtu.be For decades now, presidents and Congresses of both big political parties have been pushing for "free trade" schemes that promise jobs and prosperity, but have produced the opposite. Our guest is Kristen Beifus, Executive Director of the Washington Fair Trade Coalition, which is based in Seattle. Kristen and her organization -- and many other people and organizations -- are working hard to protect our jobs, our environment, and our democracy from giant corporations that would use a dangerous new "free trade" scheme to gain power and money at the expense of the broad public interest.

April 2012 Local Economics http://youtu.be/G9melcyqsZQ Marie Poland, John MacLean, and Sash Sunday talk about local economics.

January 2012 Occupy Wall Street, Olympia and Everywhere http://youtu.be/-eR0W-3LDp8 Occupy Olympia became a participatory village that was inclusive all ages, students, unemployed, seasoned activists, newcomers, homeless persons and came close to representing the diversity of folks in the 99% whose needs have not been met by “politics as usual.”
The Olympia FOR’s January 2012 TV pro-gram features four local guests who have participated first hand in planning and carrying out Occupy Olympia’s many activities.

May 2011 Causing and Exploiting Economic Crisis http://youtu.be/uvF9wUm5Ihs What do Wisconsin’s Republican politicians, the political aftermath of 9-11, the Wall Street banking crash, and the federal budget crisis all have in common? In each case, a crisis (real or contrived) was used as the excuse to impose pre-conceived agendas of radical right-wing policies upon our political and/or economic lives. 

December 2010 Converting to a Peace Economy http://youtu.be/cAQ-DNl2Eg8 Throughout our nation’s history, we had occasional wars and then de-mobilized afterward. But after World War II we launched the Cold War and maintained a permanent war status. We also created a “permanent war economy.” Massive military spending year after year decade after decade since the 1940s has distorted and disrupted the U.S. economy and hurt our society in many ways. ┬áMilitary spending has bankrupted our economy, so we must convert from a “war economy” to a “peace economy.” This “economic conversion” or “peace conversion” would produce positive ripple effects throughout our economy and throughout our whole society. During this TV program Glen summarizes the economic problems caused by military spending and some potentials for converting to a peace economy.