Olympia FOR YouTube Videos on Conflict & Conflict Resolution

December 2013 How to Resolve Conflicts http://youtu.be/sBXny4Fw5LA The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s December 2013 TV program focuses on a methodology for helping people resolve conflicts.  We also feature a local non-profit organization that uses those methods to help people do that. Across the country and here in Thurston County, Washington, nonprofit organizations (and a few local governments) are bringing people together with support from skilled neutral facilitators, to help people resolve a wide variety of conflicts and disputes in mutually respectful ways.  They achieve high rates of success.

February 2013 ITTP Cracks the Cycle of Trauma in World Conflicts http://youtu.be/RNEAnLkKUTs The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s February 2013 TV program explores the extent and dynamics of wars and other violent conflicts that cause trauma, how traumatized people suffer, and what they need for recovery these concerns.  The Olympia-based International Trauma Treatment Program (ITTP) approaches this work with special insights and sensitivities, so it has worked more effectively than many typical organizations and agencies.  Our two guests, Dr. John Van Eenwyk and Ayman Nijim have worked extensively in this field.