Olympia FOR You Tube Videos on Militarization

June 2007 Resisting the Militarization of Our Ports http://youtu.be/3CphCH6G5Pw Caitlin Esworthy, Molly Gibbs, TJ Johnson, and Phan Nguyen discuss Port Militarization Resistance at the Port of Olympia for the shipment of Strykers and other war materials.

September 2007 Military “Solutions” Are the Problem http://youtu.be/p0jyeazffSA  Bert Sack and Zahid Shariff explore why military solutions are the problem in the world. Recorded September 2007.

November 2007 Korea: a History of U.S. Intervention http://youtu.be/p3zNdXBjEQs Larry Kerschner and Glen Anderson discuss the history of U.S. intervention in Korea. Recorded November 2007 at TCTV.