Olympia FOR YouTube Videos on Food

October 2013 Dangers of Genetically Modified Food http://youtu.be/KXoPcB20i5s In recent years more and more people have become concerned that giant corporations are doing things to the food we eat that are bad for our human health, bad for agricultural animals, and bad for the environment.  A few giant corporations are tampering with the genetic makeup of food crops such as corn and soy.  They are splicing into these food crops some genes from totally different species to kill weeds or insects, or to make the plants grow faster.

May 2013 Creating a Sustainable Local Food System
http://youtu.be/flUHMRLrv0Q Our nation’s existing food system relies heavily on an industrial model with heavy use of chemicals derived from oil and natural gas.  It relies upon genetically modified (GM) crops and includes other aspects that are not compatible with healthy food or healthy environment.  For thousands of years people grew food locally, so they could make relevant decisions about their food.  Now the decisions are made by giant corporations without our participation, and the food is grown distantly and transported over long distances.

April 2012 Local Economics http://youtu.be/G9melcyqsZQ Marie Poland, John MacLean, and Sash Sunday talk about local economics.

October 2005 Hunger in the Land of Plenty
http://youtu.be/WUueikrUQKo Barry Cannon, Robert Coit, Shelley Curtis, and Steven Garrett discuss the issue of hunger, poverty, and community solutions.