Bring Our Billion$ Home
Campaign Resource Item #3  March 19, 2011
Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s participation in a campaign of the
Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation (WWFOR)

Connect with the “Bring Our Billion$ Home” campaign – and consider your own experiences:

The Context for the “Bring Our Billion$ Home” Campaign:

The U.S. has distorted our economy into a “permanent war economy” for half a century – whether or not we have been in  actual wars.  Since September 11, 2001, leaders of both political parties have said their “War on Terror” will last for many decades.
Military spending keeps going up – at the expense of cutbacks in social and environmental needs, aid for state and local governments, etc.

Congress won’t take leadership to change federal budget priorities.  Only a grassroots movement can do that.
The “Bring Our Billion$ Home” campaign wants to stop the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, cut military spending overall, and use the savings to fund the many things that we really need.

The “Bring Our Billion$ Home” campaign is NOT against “the troops,” many of whom joined the military because the civilian economy has been starved.  People can’t afford education or health care or housing.  The military recruits people by promising those.  Let’s fund those directly instead of forcing people into the military, which trains them to kill and be killed.  This campaign does not bad-mouth “the troops.”  We must change the political and economic powers.
The “Bring Our Billion$ Home” campaign will help the public recognize that military spending is not “sacred,” and that we must change federal budget priorities.
The “Bring Our Billion$ Home” campaign can re-frame how the general public, the media and the politicians think and talk about the current fiscal crisis and the federal budget.
The “Bring Our Billion$ Home” campaign can restore the sense of “the common good” – the sense that “we’re all in this together.”  We can create an America that works for all of us.
Remember:  “When the people lead, eventually the leaders will follow.”  That’s what this campaign is about. 
We are creating a grassroots campaign and movement that will reach out through a wide variety of constituencies, organizations, and social sectors into the very broadest general public to change how our nation thinks about these things – and how we set our national priorities.
The “Bring Our Billion$ Home” campaign is developing goals related to pressuring Congress to cut spending for our current wars – and to cut military spending in general – and to increase funding to meet social and environmental needs.  We are planning a variety of strategies and activities to accomplish these goals.
The Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation (WWFOR) initiated the “Bring Our Billion$ Home” campaign.  The Olympia FOR and a growing number of other people are building this campaign and a broader movement.  We welcome everyone who will participate in ways consistent with the FOR’s values of principled nonviolence – nonviolence in attitude as well as in action, and respect and compassion for everyone.
In the real world, a great many issues and activities are interrelated, so – while many different issues and activities are important – we need to focus this campaign on certain issues, strategies and activities to reach the campaign’s specific goals.                    Please turn page over.

We invite you to organize the campaign in any of several dimensions.  FOR EXAMPLE:

For more information – and to connect with other people you will enjoy working with – please contact the Olympia FOR or the WWFOR.

Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation (Olympia FOR)
5015 15th Ave SE, Lacey WA 98503-2723
(360) 491-9093
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Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation (WWFOR)
225 N. 70th Street, Seattle WA 98103-5003
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Olympia’s next meetings will occur from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays at three-week intervals:

Saturday April 9 at the Olympia Timberland Library, 8th Ave between Franklin and Adams

Saturday April 30 at the Washington State Labor Council’s big room on the third floor of the 9th & Columbia Building

Saturday May 21 at the Washington State Labor Council’s big room on the third floor of the 9th & Columbia Building