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Olympia FOR Acts Boldly to Confront the Climate Crisis
Updated to December 21, 2012
By Glen Anderson glen@olympiafor.org(360) 491-9093
For information about Olympia FOR’s climate activities contact Bourtai Hargrove climate@olympiafor.org (360) 352-6327

During 2012 the Olympia FOR started organizing vigorous action to deal with the escalating disruption of global climates.  We are “thinking globally and acting locally.”  Here are some of our recent accomplishments:

Climate-related information and opportunities are listed on pages 1-5 and page 10 of Olympia’s December 2012 / January 2013 newsletter (Issue #243), which you can read at www.olympiafor.org, and also at our website’s climate page, www.olympiafor.org/Climate_Crisis.html

Washington State’s voters passed Initiative 937 in 2006, and it is working well:  I-937 can help us reduce pollution; achieve clean, secure and affordable electricity; and create jobs.  Since its passage in 2006, I-937 has:
-- Generated about $7 billion in renewable energy investments in this state – and many jobs – especially in our struggling rural communities.
-- Resulted in all-time-record efficiency savings for energy consumers.
-- Reduced our reliance on fossil fuels, protecting us from pollution and volatile prices.
The Washington State Legislature’s 2012 session considered efforts to weaken I-937.  The 24 organizations that make up the Washington Environmental Priorities Coalition selected Fulfill our Clean Energy Initiative as one of their three combined priorities for the 2012 state legislative session.  Environmentalists and clean energy supporters succeeded in preventing major roll-backs during that legislative session.  I-937 remains the single best tool in Washington State to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, create clean energy jobs that will boost our local economy, and keep us on track to a clean energy future. 

Washington State’s five oil refineries must reduce greenhouse gas emissions:  A few years ago Washington Environmental Council and Climate Solutions won a court case for statewide greenhouse gas reductions.  This pertains to WA’s 5 oil refineries.  Clean up air pollution on-site at the refineries.  The court says that since WA recognizes these pollutants, we must promulgate rules to control the pollutants.  The Legislature had previously been reluctant to follow through with this.

Olympia FOR Acts Boldly to Confront the Climate Crisis (Updated to December 21, 2012):  See the list of our accomplishments on our website’s Climate Crisis page shortly under the introductory essay.

Western Washington FOR’s 2012 Fall Retreat on Saturday November 10 was a great success:  We focused this year’s Fall Retreat on the climate crisis and coal trains.  Attendance was great, including people from Bellingham to Portland, and many from Olympia.  Please see this flyer for more information:

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