Olympia FOR YouTube Videos for 2012

December 2012 Effective Grassroots Organizing http://youtu.be/Jx0RnH5dCjU The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s December 2012 TV program explores the power and practicality of grassroots organizing. Throughout our nation’s history, the best things we have accomplished for the public well-being have resulted from organizing grassroots movements.  Anna Schlecht, Rick Fellows, and Marie Poland have accomplished a track record of good results, and they are deeply respected in our local community and beyond.

November 2012:  “Militarism is the Problem, Not the Solution” http://youtu.be/00g6APTcSM4 Since World War II – and especially since the Soviet Union collapsed more than 20 year ago – the US has been the world’s #1 military power.  And, indeed, the US has used that military power continuously since the 1940s in many places throughout the world. Militarism is always promoted as the solution.  But what if militarism is actually the problem?  What if excessive militarism actually hurts the U.S.?  This is the question that two well-informed guests explore during the Olympia FOR’s November TV program, which you can watch at any time into the future on www.olympiafor.org. Rather than protect our nation, excessive militarism is harming our nation.  To save the U.S., we must scale back our militarism.

October 2012 Nonviolence in the Real World http://youtu.be/5gVkB56Ualg Our October 2012 TV program clarifies what nonviolence is (and is not).  It emphasizes how nonviolence is practical at both large scale (national and international) levels and small-scale (interpersonal and family) levels. Not only is nonviolence practical, but it also is strongly urged by Jesus.  This also might come as a surprise to some viewers.  We’ll explain how Jesus was promoting this “Third Way,” and how the Early Church was strongly committed to nonviolence. Our guest is Glen Gersmehl, National Coordinator of the Lutheran Peace Fellowship, which is based in Seattle. Nonviolence really is practical.  For several decades a number of researchers and writers have compiled historical information showing that nonviolence has a long and successful history. 

September 2012 Let’s Meet Our Arab Neighbors http://youtu.be/mO5sKPmqUT8 Every part of the whole world is interconnected in many ways.  We are all part of one human family.
But most Americans do not know enough about Arab culture, and most Americans don’t have enough friends from countries in the Arab world.  If we did, we would be more likely to make peace instead of war. The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s September TV program is an enjoyable conversation with people whose roots are in different countries within the Arab world.  We’ll learn something of Arab culture.  And we’ll sow the seeds of peace.  Our three guests are Farihan Bushnaq, Amirah Ziada, and Nader Bushnaq.

August 2012 How to Reform Prisons and Sentencing http://youtu.be/1DMfm0CCZVg The Olympia FOR’s August TV program, “How to Reform Sentencing and Prisons,” is available to watch through our website, www.olympiafor.org.  Simply click the “TV Programs” link, scroll down, and click the link.  You’ll enjoy a one-hour interview with two very knowledgeable guests who explain some of the problems with our prisons and our sentencing – and propose constructive solutions to those problems. People who care about the death penalty also care about the many injustices and abuses in other parts of our criminal justice system. 

July 2012 Women Share Experiences, Insights, Wisdom about Peace and Justice Organizing http://youtu.be/e54kCI_iyCM The peace and justice movement has accomplished a lot because of the wise and effective efforts of women throughout the world.  Our local community is much better thanks to local women’s skillful and dedicated organizing. The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s July 2012 TV program features four local women (Holly Gwinn Graham, Gabi Clayton, Bourtai Hargrove, and Ruth Lipow) sharing their experiences, insights and wisdom about organizing for peace, social and economic justice, human rights, and the environment.

June 2012 Interfaith Voices for Peace http://youtu.be/pAmDu1Adj5U The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s June 2012 TV program explores humane truths in four different faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. We explore how the scriptures and other writings –and the actual lived traditions –within these faiths have moved their members to work for peace. We also examine some common threads such as the oneness of the human family, compassion, and the Golden Rule. Near the end of the program we affirm the value of interfaith respect and cooperation, which we have already been modeling throughout the program.

May 2012 A Public Utility for Thurston County http://youtu.be/v5TDIaD9oCE People typically think about “democracy” in terms of government.  But why can’t we also practice democracy in how we run our economy?  Why can’t our economic institutions – such as our electric utility – respond to the will of the voters? The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s May 2012 TV program explores the possibility of Thurston County’s voters authorizing our Thurston Public Utility District to provide electricity in addition to the water it provides to parts of our county.  Dozens of other counties in Washington State – as well as cities such as Seattle, Tacoma, and Centralia – provide low-cost electricity to their people and are accountable to the voters.

April 2012 Local Economics http://youtu.be/G9melcyqsZQ Marie Poland, John MacLean, and Sash Sunday talk about local economics.

March 2012 Strategy and Creativity for Grassroots Power http://youtu.be/ifmWq3PItf8 Throughout our nation’s history, the best political and social changes have been organized through grassroots movements.  In the modern era too, if we are to make progress on the issues we care about – peace, social justice, a humane economy, environmental stewardship, and so forth – we must learn how to strategize, organize and build effective grassroots movements. Our guest will be Bill Moyer from the Backbone Campaign, based on Vashon Island, Washington.

 February 2012 Climate Change: Updates and Next Strategies http://youtu.be/d1PbBwqp7a4 Doug Howell, Sierra Club, and KC Golden, Climate Solutions, discuss global warming, climate crisis, climate change, and greenhouse gas effect. They also cover our next strategies.

January 2012 Occupy Wall Street, Olympia and Everywhere http://youtu.be/-eR0W-3LDp8 Occupy Olympia became a participatory village that was inclusive all ages, students, unemployed, seasoned activists, newcomers, homeless persons and came close to representing the diversity of folks in the 99% whose needs have not been met by “politics as usual.”
The Olympia FOR’s January 2012 TV pro-gram features four local guests who have participated first hand in planning and carrying out Occupy Olympia’s many activities.