Olympia FOR YouTube for 2009

December 2009 The “Three-Strikes” Laws Are Unjust http://youtu.be/2DBI6eyYTa0 A variety of people and organizations want to reform or abolish the “Three Strikes” law.

November 2009 Voter-Owned Elections: Replace Special Interests’ Big Money Financing http://youtu.be/ypZkuFrrP-8 Congress seems to be serving the “special interests” instead of the broad public interest – the “fat cats” who finance campaigns instead of the American people.

October 2009 Immigration Reform: Create Fair Solutions http://youtu.be/WX40BaYuzdc The US’s immigration system is broken, and many diverse people and sectors are calling for reform. The US’s immigration system is broken, and many diverse people and sectors are calling for reform.

August 2009 Transition Initiatives for Resilient and Sustainable Communities http://youtu.be/6CwdTQbmFUs Peak oil, climate disruption, and economic contraction combine in a “perfect storm” requiring bold new thinking and functioning as a society.

July 2009 Health Care Reform: Single-Payer Is the Solution http://youtu.be/3SXmpHOVBgU In the US, why is health care so expensive but inaccessible and ineffective?

June 2009 Folk Music’s Power for Peace and Justice http://youtu.be/t0S9iDkoO8w This one-hour interview with two much-loved folk musicians (Tom Rawson and Holly Gwinn Graham) uses their music to illustrate their discussion of the history and usefulness of folk music for the movements for civil rights, social justice and peace.

May 2009 Nonviolence: What It Is and How It Works http://youtu.be/QTQWYhIFIYI Jody Mackey and Dr. Dennis Mills, members of Veterans for Peace #109 the Rachel Corrie Chapter in Olympia and the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation discuss what nonviolence is and how it works.

April 2009 Nuclear Weapons http://youtu.be/fX2LwgE2aP8 Despite the end of the Cold War two decades ago, nuclear weapons still threaten the world.

February 2009 A Tapestry of Faiths: Interpersonal Appreciation Through the Arts http://youtu.be/3XzjLCHx-Lw This session features spokespeople from three Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) sharing their interfaith appreciation through the arts.

January 2009 A New Foreign Policy http://youtu.be/sMx9HyyDrBY Dr. Steve Niva and Dr. Helena Meyer-Knapp discuss the underlying assumptions of U.S. foreign policy in the last eight years. They recommend new directions for President Obama and the Congress.