Olympia FOR YouTube for 2008

December 2008 Amnesty International Works for Human Rights http://youtu.be/GMc4vpsZfQU Kerri Griffis, Pat Wald, and Leanne Smith discuss how Amnesty International makes a difference in people's lives.

November 2008 The Common Good: Real Democracy vs. the Special Interests http://youtu.be/te-GBnJsbwc Terry Zander, Gail Johnson, Bob Jacobs, and Bonnie Jacobs examine democracy from several perspectives and concerns to provide ideas for 'real democracy.'

October 2008 The Death Penalty: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone http://youtu.be/7zzC8Oo7YF0 Chuck Schultz, Rozanne Rants, and Alice Curtis examine the traditional assumptions about the death penalty.

September 2008 9-11 Truth: Is It OK To Ask Questions? http://youtu.be/j5jhKD7xyVM Drew Gibbs and Merry Macinata discuss lingering questions about 9-11.

August 2008 Citizen Diplomacy: International People-to-People Exchanges http://youtu.be/xIsDddYbTDc Joann Mitchell Young, John Harvey, Anna Shelton, and Char Simons share how their involvement with international people-to-people exchanges promotes world peace and creates friends.

July 2008 Elections: Issues, Not Horse Race http://youtu.be/0ivqvrOGIi0 Kim Dobson discusses issues that should be addressed in elections, not 'horse race' fluff of how we conduct our elections. Kim shares how the mainstream news media functions during elections. Recorded July 2008.

June 2008 Nonviolence: What It Is and How It Works http://youtu.be/QTQWYhIFIYI  Jody Mackey and Dr. Dennis Mills, members of Veterans for Peace #109 the Rachel Corrie Chapter in Olympia and the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation discuss what nonviolence is and how it works.

May 2008 Immigration: Bridges, Not Walls  http://youtu.be/96725rbioQA Lisa Seifert, Erika Marques-Santillan, and Jenny Blumenstein look at immigration humanely and debunk the common notions and myths of immigration in the U.S.

April 2008 Creative Nonviolence and Iraq’s Human Face http://youtu.be/FaknHBqGG9Y Peace activists Bert Sacks shares his trip to Iraq that violated U.S. sanctions.

March 2008 From Palestine to Puget Sound: The Olympia-Rafah Mural Project http://youtu.be/7V5ioq1m8Is Cindy Corrie and Rochelle Gause discuss the Olympia-Rafah Mural Project which is an ongoing project in Olympia WA. Cindy's daughter, Rachel Corrie, was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Rafah in 2003.

February 2008 Poverty, Housing, and the State Legislature http://youtu.be/PAtz7Srsfb8 Monica Peabody and Pat Tassoni discuss a variety of issues behind housing and poverty in Washington State.

January 2008 Venezuela Update http://youtu.be/yhfVmrzXvoo Anne Fischel and John Regan separate fact from fiction in what we know about Venezuela. This program was recorded January 2008 by the Olympia.