Olympia FOR YouTube for 2007

December 2007 Terrorism and the Challenge of Asymmetrical War http://youtu.be/P7-36x_JAHU Glen Anderson and Dr. Steve Niva discuss the challenges of an asymmetrical war and why the U.S. can't win the war in Iraq. Dr. Niva is a Middle Eastern studies expert at The Evergreen State College in Olympia WA. Taped in December 2007, but still very relevant today considering the expanding war effort in Afghanistan.

November 2007 Korea: a History of U.S. Intervention http://youtu.be/p3zNdXBjEQs Larry Kerschner and Glen Anderson discuss the history of U.S. intervention in Korea. Recorded November 2007 at TCTV.

October 2007 Restore America: Impeach Bush & Cheney http://youtu.be/juEZb6E6oLQ Kerri Griffis, Jerry Smith, Gail Johnson and Glen Anderson discuss the impeachment process and why it is necessary to preserve the Constitution. Recorded in October 2007.

September 2007 Military “Solutions” Are the Problem
Bert Sack and Zahid Shariff explore why military solutions are the problem in the world. Recorded September 2007

August 2007 Teenagers Work for Peace and Justice http://youtu.be/tNYmYZgh1UI Katie Mesmer, Maria Tamayo, Matt Pfeiffer, Ellie Lipton are peace activist trainees with Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation. Ellen Finkelstein directs the program. They all share about meaningful roles of activism as teenagers.

July 2007 Homeless People Need Dignity and Real Solutions http://youtu.be/kVa5Qfa-Dx0 Rob Richards, Selena Kilmoyer, Rev. Arthur Vaeni, and Glen Anderson discuss root causes and solutions to homelessness in Thurston County. Recorded July 2007

June 2007 Resisting the Militarization of Our Ports http://youtu.be/3CphCH6G5Pw Caitlin Esworthy, Molly Gibbs, TJ Johnson, and Phan Nguyen discuss Port Militarization Resistance at the Port of Olympia for the shipment of Strykers and other war materials.

May 2007 The “Single-Payer” Solution to the Health Care Crisis http://youtu.be/ys9VMlmwWnM Aaron Katz, Larry Kalb, and Dr. Robert Fithian discuss the single payer solution to the health care crisis and why it is meeting such resistance.

April 2007 Nuclear Weapons and Nonviolent Resistance at Ground Zero http://youtu.be/1Ktmmtda3EY Rev. Anne Hall, David Hall, MD, Brian Watson, and Glen Anderson discuss nonviolent actions to protest the nuclear weapons at Bangor on all the Trident Submarines. Recorded April 2007.

March 2007 Public Financing of Electoral Campaigns http://youtu.be/5ikNZU2XCVQ Carolyn Cox, Jaqui Brown-Miller, and Chris Stegman discuss public financing of electoral campaigns.

January 2007 Impeachment Protects the Constitution http://youtu.be/ZFs9AG-Fsa0 Bush and Cheney are not in office now, but this program is still relevant in educating us on the process of impeachment to protect the Constitution. George Hartwell, Talitha Thalia, and Jerry Smith share the details with Glen Anderson.