Olympia FOR YouTube for 2006

December 2006 The Earth Charter and Caring for Creation http://youtu.be/2Wc-J8MbriM Barhara Gibson, Tom Connor, and Sister Mimi Maloney discuss caring for the creation, sustainability, and The Earth Charter.

November 2006 Iran: Fresh Insights http://youtu.be/xYa347E8azY New perspectives of Iran are discussed by Tom Krebsback, Char Simons, and Steve Niva.

October 2006 Venezuela http://youtu.be/_BcjJklWyRs John Regan, Ron Smith, and Cindy Sousa have all been to Venezuela and share their insights.

September 2006 Immigration: Myths and Realities http://youtu.be/vpMLsUZilIE Magdeleno Rose-Avila and Lisa Sieftert explode the common immigration myths and present the common sense realities of dealing with immigration.

July 2006 Affirming Diversity and Equality For All http://youtu.be/_tdYmUmQbSA Kathy Baros Friedt, Rabbai Seth Goldstein, and Matt Grant discuss how to affirm diversity and equality in the community.

April 2006 Instant Run-Off Voting  http://youtu.be/bAu4_tjixdQ Instant Run-Off Voting is discussed by Rich Anderson-Connolly, Taryn Gearhart, and Janet Jordon.

March 2006 Nonviolence Is Powerful and Practical http://youtu.be/_oimvH4TtFY Glen Gersmahl promotes how nonviolence is both powerful and practical.

February 2006 A Conversation With Gandhi http://youtu.be/3XY9tWJslI0 "The American Gandhi," Bernie Meyer, discusses his views of nonviolence with Glen Anderson. Bernie is dressed and looks like Gandhi. He has been invited to India several times to speak as Gandhi.

January 2006 Religious Values and Public Policy http://youtu.be/l9MgbB5OIU4 Crystal Lorentzson, Sam Hochstatter, Emily Lardner, and Jerry Smith discuss how values differ from public policy. They discuss Jim Wallis' book: God's Politics.