Olympia FOR YouTube for 2005

November 2005 Your Rights vs. Military Recruiters http://youtu.be/aM8wfcL5Zng Matt Clark, then a high school student, George Hartwell, and Molly Gibbs discuss the challenges of military recruiting in the high schools with the impact of Now Child Left Behind.

October 2005 Hunger in the Land of Plenty http://youtu.be/WUueikrUQKo Barry Cannon, Robert Coit, Shelley Curtis, and Steven Garrett discuss the issue of hunger, poverty, and community solutions.

September 2005 This War’s True Cost http://youtu.be/yvQGYL9Cf9k Laurie Davis, Ivan Gonzalez, and Emily Lardner discuss the true cost of the Iraq War.

August 2005 East Timor http://youtu.be/pFLxJwQu_wQ   Ashley Barnard, Ann Hashi Hashimoto, and Jack Szwaja were profoundly influenced by their visit to East Timor. They share their experiences with Glen Anderson.

July 2005 Nuclear Weapons http://youtu.be/lJdYMqnV76g T.J. Johnson, Alice Zillah, and Bernie Meyer discuss nuclear weapons, especially the Trident Submarines at Bangor.