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Working for peace, social justice and principled nonviolence since 1976

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What is The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation?

Since 1976 the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) has been working in the greater Thurston County area and beyond to create peace, social justice and nonviolence locally and worldwide.  We organize at the grassroots and carry out a variety of activities to inform and activate people.  Specifically, the Olympia FOR produces newsletters and TV programs, conducts weekly peace vigils, and sponsors speakers, workshops and other events.  We are part of the Western Washington FOR (a regional FOR network), the national FOR, and the International FOR. Nationally and internationally, FOR was founded when World War I began and has opposed all wars since then.  More information is posted in the menu below.


What's New?

Through March 31, 2014 (and a bit beyond)Calendar

April -May 2014 Calendar (pdf) [New calendar for April-May 2014]

I Am Troy Davis (April 9th two locations) Jen Marlowe will also describe her years-long collaboration with Troy and the Davis family to write their book, I Am Troy Davis, and share passages from the book.

Syria:  Public Opinion Prevented a War for Now. We Must Change the Underlying Violent U.S. Foreign Policy. (Word) (pdf)

Guidelines for a Climate Change Effort (pdf) This printed resource can help small groups discuss and act on climate change. More info from John Conner at grassroots1@pa.net

April - May 2014 Newsleter (pdf)

February - March 2014 Newsletter (pdf)

Guns - Problems and Solutions

The Olympia FOR’s website – www.olympiafor.org – has added a Climate Crisis page to provide you with more information to inform and activate you.

Special Events

2014 Spring Assembly Flyer & Pre-Registration Theme:"Resisting Systemic Evil" April 12 @ Fauntleroy UUC Church 9140 California Ave SW, West Seattle


Recent Accomplishments


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February 2014 Fund Appeal (pdf) If you like what the Olympia FOR is doing, we warmly encourage you to support our work.

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